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President of Elite Furs, Hercina was born in Portugal in the beautiful Island of Graciosa Azores. While still very young, Hercina traveled to Canada with her parents and sisters, leaving behind her small island and starting fresh here in Canada.

Hercina had a dream, to become teacher, but after living in Canada for a few years her dreams soon turned to the world of fashion. Working 10 years in a fur firm, Hercina had learned the trade. Hercina went on to George Brown College to take a course in design and thereafter founded the firm Elite Furs in 1988.

Located in the heart of the city, once called the Fashion District, Elite Furs attracts not only tourists from around the world but big names in the fashion industry. In 2007 Hercina has now re-located Elite Furs to 3045 Southcreek Rd, Unit 39 in Mississauga where it is today.

Elite Furs only works with high quality furs and selects the best material for all the handmade clothing they sell.

Artists from Portugal, United States as well as every corner of the planet are loyal clients to this well-known house of furs

Elite Furs sells direct to the public and also supplies some well know boutiques all over Europe.


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